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Call for Papers - International Symposium on the Uses and Functions of Rhetoric: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Practical Reason

The GRAL and the SRSC, two research Groups from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, are organizing an International Symposium about the Uses and Functions of Rhetoric for May 16th-18th 2013 (

The overall goal for this International Congress is first of all to understand rhetoric today, away from Schools and ideologies that have influenced thinking for centuries. Furthering our understanding of rhetoric – object, uses, functions, and strategies – is a way to better understand practical reason as well as its epistemological background and its social and political relevance. From this perspective, it is crucial to place a wager on knowledge by trying to open up disciplines and to change habits so as to launch a common reflection on shared objects of interest: How does rhetoric function? Does an institution culturally determine the action? Is it comparable with other cultural phenomena?

Please CLICK HERE  for the detailed Call for Papers

Deadline to submit: November 30th 2012
Notifications: early January 2013

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