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ISHR 2019 Conference - Updated Program/Proposed Changes to ISHR Constitution

Here are some updates and reminders for the conference:

  1. It appears that the gods are looking favorably on the arrival of ISHR to New Orleans, and the US National Weather Service predicts temperatures of 84-86° F or 29-30° C, almost ten degrees below normal, despite heat waves almost everywhere else. Plenty of humidity, as usual, and rain/thunder showers predicted. Please remember that the hotel has a lovely swimming  pool.

  2. We continue to have cancellations trickle in, so more changes in the schedule are on the way and will be posted. The latest schedule (21 July) is posted at . The program and abstracts will be posted later.

  3. Please review the proposed constitutional changes that the Council approved last summer and the ones it approved this spring concerning the Secretary-General. ISHR Constitution - Proposed Revisions These will be voted upon in the Business Meeting at the end of the conference and require a two-thirds majority to pass. These changes in no way alter the governing structure of ISHR, except the Secretary-General is given a term limit of six years, whereas there was no limit previously. Most reflect either changes in electronic communication since the last time the constitution was amended (1994) or the role of the Secretary-General, in both cases to bring the constitution in line with actual practice today.

  4. Presenters are asked that they should not swap or shift within sessions. It’s the practice with ISHR that we stick to the times shown in the program to allow members to hear speakers when noted in the program.

Best wishes,


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Malcolm Richardson

President, International Society for the History of Rhetoric
Interim Dean, The Graduate School
Dr. J.F. Taylor Professor of English
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

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