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ISHR Results of Voting

Dear $$Nickname$$,

The voting on the extension of the terms of office has closed on June 1. Seventy-eight members have cast a vote; seventy-six members approve the extension, two do not approve.

On behalf of the Council and the officers, I thank the members for their trust and support. We will do our very best to make 2021 a productive year in spite of the postponement of the conference.

We are delighted that almost two hunderd abstracts had been submitted when the initial deadline for proposals closed two weeks ago. ISHR is indeed flourishing, and we expect a magnificent conference in 2022.

The call will be reopend in December 2020, with a proposed deadline of May 15, 2021.  All the submitted abstracts will be duly evaluated and submitters will be informed about the decision. In case you would like to withdraw your abstract and submit a new one in December, please send us an email on July 1 at the latest (

We are confident that circumstances for travel and funding will allow the conference to take place at the new date, Tuesday July 26 - Saturday July 30, 2022. Our commitment is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for the Conference, and we are already very much looking forward to welcoming you.

Best wishes,

Marc van der Poel
President ISHR

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