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ISHR - Editorial Staff of Rhetorica Seeking Nominations ... Associate Editor for Italian Language Manuscripts

The Editorial Staff of Rhetorica has a vacancy for an Associate Editor for Italian language manuscripts.

The duties of the Associate Editor for Italian-language submissions are as follows: processing Italian-language submissions via the ScholarOne system (training is provided); determining their suitability for the journal, inviting reviewers, making recommendations to the editor, and copyediting accepted essays.

Candidates for this position must be native speakers of Italian and have a research record in rhetoric. Experience in editing would be an advantage.The term of office will be four years, starting 1 January 2021, with the possibility of renewal.

The Nominating Committee invites members of ISHR who are interested in this role to apply before 15 December by sending an email to the chair of the Nominating Committee, prof. Malcolm Richardson  (

The Nominating Committee:

Malcolm Richardson
Mike Edwards
Janika Päll
Marcos Martinho dos Santos


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