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Two Items from the RSA President

Dear Member of RSA,

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Krista Kennedy of Syracuse University has been selected as the Society’s first Director of Event Sponsorships and Ads. Dr. Kennedy served as the Director of the Syracuse Writing Major and Minor, helped to develop a minor in Professional and Technical Writing, and chaired a committee on educational excellence that re-envisioned how SU ran its First Year Experience and Study Abroad programs. Prior to entering the academy, she spent seven years working for a Fortune 500 company where she managed an annual multi-million dollar business plan. In her capacity as the Director of Event Sponsorships and Ads, Dr. Kennedy will work with conference and institute organizers to develop the financial resources that make our major events possible. Congratulations Dr. Kennedy and thank you for your service.

Yesterday you received an email from Dr. Carolyn Miller on behalf of the RSA Development Council. The purpose of that email was to encourage our members to consider an end-of-year gift to one of the special funds that support RSA activities. In particular, Dr. Miller mentioned the Janice Lauer Endowment Fund, a fund that provides money to “support graduate student participation and achievement in The Rhetoric Society of America (RSA).” At this time of the year, you will receive many requests for financial assistance. My hope is that among the organizations you choose to help, you will consider RSA. I made a contribution this morning, and I encourage you to do the same.

To those who contributed to RSA Funds in the past, THANK YOU! To those who contributed to RSA events, e.g., the 2018 RSA Conference, THANK YOU, TOO! Your support of our organization and its events has been invaluable, and the RSA Board of Directors cannot thank you enough. We thank you not only for your financial gifts, but also for the time, the energy, and the intellectual commitment that you have made to the Rhetoric Society of America.

My best,

Kirt Wilson

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