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RSQ Volume 42
Number 5

Fall 2012

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Fall 2012, 42:5, pages 405-423
Stanley Fish is Not a Sophist:  The Difference Between Skeptical and Prudential Versions of Rhetorical Pragmatism

CHENG, Martha S.
Fall 2012, 42:5, pages 424-449
Colin Powell’s Speech to the UN:  A Discourse Analytic Study of Reconstituted Ethos

Fall 2012, 42:5, pages 450-471
“Audacia Dangyereyes”:  Appropriate Speech and the “Immodest” Woman Speaker of the Comstock Era

RAMSEY, Shawn D.
Fall 2012, 42:5, pages 472-489
The Voices of Counsel:  Women and Civic Rhetoric in the Middle Ages


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