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ISHR 2023 Research Grants Recipients

Dear ISHR members,

I am pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s ISHR Research Grants. Congratulations to all recipients for winning this prestigious award and for your contributions to the study of the history of rhetoric.

Dr Pierre Balmond (Université Paris Nanterre, France)
Project Title: Du pathos au mouere: enquête sur les mutations hellénistiques de l’émotion rhétorique

Dr Nicoletta Bruno (Ludwig Bolzmann Institute for Neolatin Studies, Innsbruck, Austria)
Project Title: The Rhetoric and Power of Silence in Tacitus

Dr Giulia Dovico (University of Hamburg, Germany)
Project Title: Figurative Language in Ancient Greek Rhetoric through the Eyes of the Ancient Commentators

Dr Thierry Hirsch (Oxford University, United Kingdom
Project Title:  Cicero’s De Inventione: Translation, introduction, and commentary

Prof. Christina Matthiesen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Project Title: Ellen Key and the Rhetorical Tradition: Aesthetics and Community

Elia Otranto (University of Granada, Spain)
Project Title: Pythagoras as a Master of Invective in the GreekBiographical Literature of the Imperial Age.

Special thanks to the Research Awards Committee for their careful and time-consuming work requiring many difficult decisions:

Christos Kremmydas (chair; United Kingdom); Tina Skouen (Norway);  Jan Erik Heßler (Germany); Marie-Pierre Noël (France); Violeta Pérez Custodio (Spain)

Best wishes,

David Mirhady
President, International Society for the History of Rhetoric

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