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Call for Papers - Renaissance Society of America

Discipline of Rhetoric ... Chicago, 30 March-1 April 2017

Call for Papers

 Discipline of Rhetoric

Renaissance Society of America

Chicago, 30 March-1 April 2017

The Discipline of Rhetoric invites papers and panels for its sessions at the annual meeting. We may submit up to five guaranteed panels. We invite papers and panels on any subject appropriate to our discipline and especially welcome those that address the following:

✪ Panels must be organized by a current member of the Renaissance Society of America.  Panels should ordinarily include no more than three presenters. Please submit the following:

✪ Papers may be submitted by anyone. Please submit the following:

✪ Please send all materials to Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler ( The deadline for submissions is 25 May 2016.

All participants in the Chicago conference must be members of the Renaissance Society of America.

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