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Top 10 Reasons to Attend the 2023 RSA Institute at Penn State and Apply by October 15

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the 2023 RSA Institute at Penn State and

Apply by October 15

(with apologies to David Letterman)

10. Affordable rates for participants (especially if you’re an RSA member), with graduate student funding awards distributed before the registration deadline!

9. The chance to work closely with renowned scholars: from A (Caddie Alford and Sonia Arellano) to Z (David Zarefsky and Hua Zhu). Check them all out HERE.

8. Five lodging options to meet budget and loyalty program.

7. Find out what AEIR stands for.

6. The location: Come to a quintessential college town at the most beautiful time of year. (Or join remotely! We'll send pictures.)

5. Birds, trees, flowers, and even some strange bugs: Since the last Institute was held at Penn State in 2009, the University has created a remarkable Arboretum adjacent to campus. (Yes, one of the social events will be held there.)

4. New voices, new leaders, and diverse perspectives on rhetoric.

3. A most accessible Institute: attend in person, by all means—but if you can’t, sign on to participate remotely.

2. Find out if outstanding Institute luncheon food is possible in a student union. (You can’t go wrong: the Institute Luncheon on Thursday will be memorable and inspirational because the Keynote Address will be by Anjali Vats.)

And the number one reason to to attend the RSA Institute 2023 at Penn State . . . .

1. Highly personal scholarly collaboration for allApply here today!

Remember, the deadline for applications – one short paragraph of rationale for  your first choice session is all  you need! -  is October 15th.

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