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From Dissertation to Book

Workshop Leaders: Jeff Bennett, Vanderbilt University; Isaac West, Vanderbilt University

Workshop Leaders:

Jeff Bennett, Vanderbilt University
Isaac West, Vanderbilt University

This workshop is designed to be a pragmatic session for those interested in translating their dissertations into a book manuscript. Although a number of publications cover similar ground, this session is tailored to rhetorical scholars and the unique considerations faced when crafting a book-length project.

Participants will be asked to provide a rough draft of a book proposal for feedback from the members of the workshop. Additionally, this workshop will feature virtual and in-person interactive sessions with series editors, mock meetings where participants pitch their books, discussions about how to revise and extend a dissertation into a manuscript ready for review, conversations about market considerations (including titles and covers), and tips for navigating the editing process and negotiating contracts. Participants will leave the session with a clear plan for revising their dissertations.

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