RSA Awards

The Rhetoric Society of America recognizes the achievements of its members through nine awards: five given annually and four given biennially.

The Book Award and Dissertation Award are presented annually for the best work in rhetorical studies published or defended by an RSA member in a given year. The annual Fellows’ Early Career Award recognizes the cumulative successes of an RSA member within eight years of completing their doctorate. The Charles Kneupper Award acknowledges the best article published in RSQ in a given year and is granted annually by the Editorial Committee of RSQ. The Outstanding Student Chapter Award recognizes the efforts of RSA graduate student members as they advance the work of RSA through student chapters. The 2018 awards will be presented at the 2019 RSA Summer Institute luncheon for work published or defended in 2018. The 2019 awards will be presented at the 2020 biennial conference for work published or defended in 2019.

At its biennial meeting (in even years), the Society presents the five awards described above as well as an additional four awards.  It recognizes significant and sustained contributions to RSA and to the field by conferring the George E. Yoos Award and naming Fellows to the Society.  It recognizes exceptional mentoring of students and junior colleagues with the Cheryl Geisler Award for Outstanding Mentor.  The Gerard A. Hauser Award recognizes outstanding student papers presented at the RSA conference.

Nominations for the Book Award, Dissertation Award, Fellows’ Early Career Award, and Outstanding Student Chapter Award are accepted annually. Nominations for RSA Fellows, the George E. Yoos Award, and the Cheryl Geisler Award for Outstanding Mentor are considered biennially. Any RSA Member meeting the criteria for each award (outlined below) is eligible for nomination.

The Awards Committee of the RSA board reviews nominations to name new Fellows to the Society and select recipients of the Book AwardDissertation AwardGeorge E. Yoos Award, and Cheryl Geisler Award for Outstanding Mentor. A committee of RSA Fellows named by the RSA Awards Chair chooses the recipient of the Fellows’ Early Career Award. The Editorial Committee of RSQ determines the recipient of the Charles Kneupper Award from the slate of articles in that year’s volume. The RSA Board gives final approval for each of the above Award Committee recommendations. The Outstanding Student Chapter Award is comprised of the two graduate student/early career RSA board members and at least one other Board member. Gerard A. Hauser Award recipients are selected from nominated papers by a committee appointed by that year’s conference planner.

For more information about RSA Awards, please contact RSA Awards Committee Chair,

Christa J. Olson
Department of English
University of Wisconsin-Madison
600 N. Park Street
Madison, WI 53706

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