Giving to RSA

The RSA Development Council is charged with overseeing the fundraising efforts of the Society under the direction of the Executive Director.  We invite you to consider making a tax-deductible gift to RSA--a gift that will enhance the Society's goals in ways that go beyond what is possible through the regular membership dues.   

Here we describe four developing endowments that have been authorized by the RSA Board (the Corbett, Lauer, Leff, Lundsford funds):  the Board will see that your contribution is matched until more than $20,000 is in each fund.  We also provide a form that is designed to make it easy for you to contribute any amount that is appropriate to you.  We appreciate your consideration!

Note: Membership in RSA in not required in order to make a donation, however, you will be asked to create an account before accessing the donation form. 

Questions?  Contact any one of us.  

Fred Antzcak
David Blakesley
John Brereton

Richard Enos
Cinthia Gannett
Andrea Lunsford
Carolyn Miller
Jack Selzer

Giving to RSA