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Indigenous Publics, Angela Haas

Angela Haas, 

Decolonial methodologies provide opportunities for institutions, cities, and community members to acknowledge and learn from colonial relationships of the past and co-construct useable and useful interfaces for future partnerships. The Indigenous Publics working group will read the Campus Master Plan (CMP) through the lens of decolonial theory by authors such as Natchee Blu Barnd and Gabriela Ríos; study digital and University archives to trace the presence of indigenous communities in the landbase mapped by the CMP; learn from oral histories of and interview local indigenous stakeholders about their relationship to the landbase; participate in decolonial mapping activities of the campus and Gateway Precinct; contribute to a collective, decolonial, digital citizen-making database; and finally, draft a public pedagogy presentation and equitable landscape proposal for UNR and the city of Reno.

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