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Environmental Justice, Bridie McGreavy

Bridie McGreavy, 

This workshop will take an intersectional approach to environmental justice to explore and analyze inequities and disparate impacts related to transportation and youth homelessness in Reno, NV. Our workshop will collaborate with staff and clients of the Eddy House, a youth homeless shelter. We are also working with Dr. Scott Kelly who is leading research that has shown that the focal area of the Gateway Precinct in the UNR Campus Master Plan (CMP) is an environmental justice hotspot due, in part, to this area’s proximity to the highway and issues related to mobility and air quality. This workshop will build from this study to create a layered understanding of how campus expansion may impact young people who have constrained access to housing and transportation.  We will read and discuss interdisciplinary articles on rhetoric, geography, and social-environmental justice to make sense of and meaningfully contribute to ongoing efforts in Reno to advance just and sustainable approaches to transportation, education access, and urban development..

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