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Seminar 2: At the Intersection of Rhetorics and Feminisms

Seminar Leaders: Cheryl Glenn and Karma Chávez

Cheryl Glenn and Karma Chávez 

 "At the Intersection of Rhetorics and Feminisms" will provide an interdisciplinary overview of feminist rhetorical advances over the past thirty years, particularly in the ways feminism and rhetoric intersect with class, religion, gender, race, sexuality, nationality, and/or disability. Feminist rhetorical practices now invigorate law, medicine, politics, argument, delivery (the un/spoken, written, visual, and/or electronic), research methods and methodologies, teaching (especially of rhetoric), mentoring, and administration—all scenes that offer generative responses to traditional, hegemonic rhetorical practices. This seminar will identify and introduce significant research methods at and methodological approaches to this intersection. 

Each day of the seminar will be divided between seminar-style discussions of assigned readings and workshop discussions of participants’ research interests. Participants will be expected to submit a working draft of a research project in late April that will be shared with all other seminar participants. In these ways, seminarians will both cultivate a rich understanding of these disciplinary intersections as well as develop viable research projects (dissertations, articles, book manuscripts, edited collections, and/or grant proposals). 

Sara Ahmed, Living a Feminist Life
Karma Chávez (ed.), Standing in the Intersection (selected chapters)
Roxanne Gay, Bad Feminists
Cheryl Glenn, Rhetorical Feminism and This Thing Called Hope
Joy James and T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting (eds.), The Black Feminist Reader (BFR) (selected chapters) 


Gesa Kirsch and Jacqueline Jones Royster, Feminist Rhetorical Practices
Kim Hall (ed.), Feminist Disability Studies
Eileen E. Schell and K.J. Rawson (eds.), Rhetorica in Motion
Becky Thompson, Teaching with Tenderness
Hesford, Wendy, Spectacular Rhetoric 

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