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Workshop 20: Designing and Delivering Rhetorical Education

Workshop Leaders: Kris Ratcliffe and Kyle Jensen

Workshop Leaders:

Kris Ratcliffe and Kyle Jensen 

This workshop prepares new and experienced instructors to design and teach rhetoric-focused program curricula and individual courses at all levels of post-secondary education. Specifically, we will discuss how rhetorical concepts and tactics can generate outcome-driven curricula that yield inquiry-driven assignments and projects. In order to provide adequate background for our approach, the workshop will begin with a brief overview of how we define rhetorical education. Then, using rhetorical listening as an organizing rhetorical concept, we will model how scholars can develop effective tactics, curricula, assignments/projects, and assessments that help students connect rhetorical theory to practice. At the end of the workshop, attendees will have created a two-week curriculum plan (to share), based on a rhetorical concept of their choosing, that explains how each component of the instructional sequence fits together to realize the listed outcomes and answer the questions that drive the course. 

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