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RSA 2009 Election Results


In the recent biennial election, RSA members elected seven persons to the Board of Directors.  Davida Charney, University of Texas, was chosen for a two-year term to fill the unexpired term of Krista Ratcliffe, who will become President-Elect.  Elected to four-year terms on the Board were Arthur Walzer, University of Minnesota; Lester Olson, University of Pittsburgh; Roxanne Mountford, University of Kentucky; and Cara Finnegan, University of Illinois.  Student members elected to two-year terms are Kimberly Thomas-Pollei, University of Minnesota and Pamela Conners, University of Wisconsin.

The 2010-2011 RSA Board will be composed as follows (expiration dates in parentheses):

President: Michael Leff, University of Memphis (2011)
President-Elect: Krista Ratcliffe, Marquette University (2011)
Past President: Jack Selzer, Penn State University (2011)
Board Member: Davida Charney, University of Texas (2011)
Board Member: Pamela Conners, University of Wisconsin (2011)
Board Member: Cara Finnegan, University of Illinois (2013)
Board Member: Cinthia Gannett, Loyola College, Maryland (2011)
Board Member: Robert Hariman, Northwestern University (2011)
Board Member: Roxanne Mountford, University of Kentucky (2013)
Board Member: Lester Olson, University of Pittsburgh (2013)
Board Member: Kendall Phillips, Syracuse University (2011)
Board Member: Kimberly Thomas-Pollei, University of Minnesota (2011)
Board Member: Arthur Walzer, University of Minnesota (2013)
Executive Director: Greg Clark, Brigham Young University (2011; renewable), ex officio
Journal Editor: Carolyn Miller, North Carolina State University (2011; renewable), ex officio
Membership Officer: Arabella Lyon, State University of New York at Buffalo (2012; renewable), ex officio

Congratulations to all the newly-elected Board members.  Thanks to the runners-up who also generously agreed to be of service.  I especially appreciate the work of Patricia Bizzell and Leah Ceccarelli, who joined me on the Nominating Committee.

David Zarefsky
RSA Past President
Chair, Nominating Committee

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