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Penn State's Civic & Community Engagement Minor

Civic and Community Engagement

Active at 11 Penn State campuses, the Civic & Community Engagement Minor empowers
students to use classroom learning and field experience with, and for, a diverse array of communities and organizations. The minor is perfect for students interested in careers in public service, public policy, government, non-profits and advocacy, social activism, and community education. Students enrolled in the minor are provided with an opportunity to extend their education beyond the classroom through engagement in socially meaningful public scholarship, in service of both pre-existing and newly developing community projects.

The minor works in tandem with the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences to host the annual PSU “Constitution Day and Citizenship Day” celebration on September 17th. This event highlights the ongoing societal relevance and dynamic quality of the United States Constitution, and offers students, faculty, and the public an opportunity to reflect on the privileges, perils, and obligations that accompany United States citizenship.

Funded by:
Communication Arts & Sciences
Penn State University

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Civic and Community Engagement

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