Complete Story

RSQ Volume 51,
Number 4

Summer 2021, 51.4

Please click on the authors’ names below to view the article abstracts for the Fall 2021 Issue:

DIAB, Kefaya
Summer 2021, pages: 261-275
The Rise of the Arab Spring through a Sense of Agency

Summer 2021, pages: 276-292
Impediments to Productive Argument: Rhetorical Decay

GREENWALT, Dustin A. and HALLSBY, Atilla
Summer 2021, pages: 293-308
Graphed into the Conversation: Conspiracy, Controversy, and Climategate’s Visual Style

Summer 2021, pages: 309-324
Amplification by Counterstory in the Quantitative Rhetoric of Ida B. Wells

Summer 2021, pages: 325-335
Disproof without Silence: How Plato Invented the Post-Truth Problem

JONES, Madison
Summer 2021, pages: 336-352
A Counterhistory of Rhetorical Ecologies

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