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Sound Studies And Rhetoric

Workshop Leaders: Joshua Gunn, University of Texas at Austin; Greg Goodale, Northeastern University; Mirko M. Hall, Converse College

Workshop Leaders:

Joshua Gunn, University of Texas at Austin
Greg Goodale, Northeastern University
Mirko M. Hall, Converse College

Does the voice haunt us? Do experienced rhetors manipulate vocal timbre in a manner that adds another dimension to their suasive powers? Do noises make arguments? In the past five years "sound studies" has emerged as an interdisciplinary field that investigates the human experience of sound and related speaking and listening practices. This workshop seeks a conceptual coherence and tentative agenda for participants through three survey-style lectures, the discussion of one book and six very recent articles, and a sharing of interests. Participants will be expected to compose and circulate a brief statement of interest or position, as well as to help facilitate discussion by demonstrating how they are adopting sound into their current work. Topics will include: the conception of "auditory cultures," critical theory and sonority, affect studies, and the object of speech/voice in rhetorical studies. Our ultimate goal is to develop a sense of how scholars might approach sound studies from a rhetorical perspective.

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