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2013 Seminars/Workshops

2013 Seminars:

  1. ARGUMENTATION, David Zarefsky, Robert C. Rowland, and Jean Goodwin
  2. Comparative Rhetoric: Enacting the Art of Recontextualization, LuMing Mao and Arabella Lyon
  3. Historiography and the Archives: Taking the Next Steps, Susan C. Jarratt, Susan Romano, David Gold, and Davis W. Houck
  4. Rhetoric in/between Communication and nglish, William Keith and Roxanne Mountford
  5. Rhetorical approaches to the 2012 presidential campaign, Vanessa Beasley and Shawn J. Parry-Giles,

2013 Workshops:

  1. Apogee of the Civil Rights Movement, Kirt H. Wilson
  2. Biopolitics and Bioethics, Stuart J. Murray and Twyla Gibson
  3. Building a Career in Rhetorical Studies, Bonnie J. Dow and Jessica Enoch
  4. Placemaking: Rhetorical Studies and Critical Geography, Jenny Rice  and Doug Reichert Powell
  5. Materialist and Object-Oriented Rhetorics, Thomas Rickert and Byron Hawk
  6. Places of Invention: Topoi, Media, Locales, John Ackerman and
    Peter Simonson
  7. Queer Activism, Jeff Bennett and Erin Rand
  8. Reframing Documentary in the Age of Social Media, Anne T. Demo and Cara A. Finnegan
  9. Religion and American Public Argument, John M. Murphy
  10. Rethinking the Relationship between Rhetoric and Democracy, Jeremy Engels and Pat Gehrke
  11. Rhetoric and Its Temporalities, Michelle Ballif and Megan Foley
  12. Rhetoric and Public Policy, Robert Asen
  13. Rhetoric Memory Archive Museum, Michael Bernard-­‐Donals
  14. Is a Rhetorical Ethics Possible?, Frank Farmer and Margaret Zulick
  15. Rogue Publics in a Digital Age, G. Thomas Goodnight and David B. Hingstman
  16. Sound Studies And Rhetoric, Joshua Gunn, Greg Goodale, and Mirko M. Hall
  17. The Ends of Words: Mystic Practice and Rhetorical Limit Experience, Richard Doyle
  18. The Rhetorics of Disability, Rachel Adams and Michael Berube
  19. Shifting the Paradigm: Towards a Translingual Rhetoric of Writing, Suresh Canagarajah, Maria Jerskey, and Dorothy Worden
  20. Visual Rhetorics of Violence: Cultural Trauma and Visual Representation, A. Susan Owen and Peter Ehrenhaus

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