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Rhetoric and Race

Seminar leaders: Kent Ono, University of Utah

Seminar leaders:

Kent Ono, University of Utah

The study of rhetoric and race has, over the years, been relatively haphazard. A seminar that both introduces participants to key works in the field, as well as seeks to understand this research area better, has the potential to be very productive. During such a seminar questions will be asked such as: "What research has been done on race and rhetoric?" "What is the history of race and rhetoric?" "Are there key research areas that have been overlooked?" "Are there ways of organizing so as to be more deliberative about doing research in this area?"

Seminar participants will do readings, receive a bibliography, and present brief 5-7 page (double spaced) position papers on the topic of rhetoric and race. The position papers will be prolegomena -- introductions to new (as yet unstudied or understudied) areas of rhetoric and race studies. They will call for renewed or new attention to an area and encourage others to take up research on the particular area or subject.

In addition to general/background information and research on the subject, the seminar will focus on four specific subtopics, including (1) rhetoric, media, and race; (2) rhetoric and immigration; (3) Asian American rhetoric; and (4) neocolonial rhetoric.

  • Authors to be studied for rhetoric, media, and race include: Bernadette Calafell; Stuart Hall; Michelle Holling; Michael Lacy; Roopali Mukherjee; David Oh; Thomas Nakayama; Kent Ono; and Catherine Squires.
  • Authors to be studied for rhetoric and immigration include: Hector Amaya; Claudia Anguiano; Roberto Avant-Mier; Bernadette M. Calafell; Lisa B.Y. Calvente; Karma R. Chavez; Josue Cisneros; Nathaniel I. Cordova; D. Robert DeChaine; Fernando Delgado; Anne Demo; Darrel Enck-Wanzer; Teresita Garza; Alberto Gonzalez; Lisa A. Flores; Marouf Hasian; Michelle A. Holling; Zach Justice; Kent Ono; Richard D. Pineda; T.M. Linda Sholz; John M. Sloop; Stacey Sowards; and Christopher Joseph Westgate
  • Authors to be studied for Asian American rhetoric include: Laura Kang; Casey Lum; LuMing Mao; Thomas Nakayama; Kent Ono; Vincent Pham; Elda Tsou; Myra Washington; and Morris Young.
  • Authors to be studied for neocolonial rhetoric include: Kevin Ayotte; Jason Black; Derek Buescher; Danielle Endres; Marouf Hasian; Radha Hegde; Kent Ono; Richard Rogers; Rae Lynn Schwartz-Dupre; and Raka Shome.

Questions should be directed to Kent Ono,

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