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Rhetoric and Religion

Workshop Leader: Martin Medhurst, Baylor University

Workshop Leader:

Martin Medhurst, Baylor University

This session will be conducted as a workshop, with day one devoted to an overview of current scholarship and issues in rhetoric and religion and days two and three devoted to workshopping the research of participants in the seminar. Each participant is required to submit two weeks in advance of the Institute a substantive paper that deals in some form or fashion with rhetoric and religion. The possibilities are almost endless, with recent work focusing on issues such as fundamentalism, minority religious rhetoric, evangelical political rhetoric, the intersections of religion with gender, race, and sexual orientation, the nature of religious argument, the religious sources of rhetorical invention, religious groups as counterpublics, religious influences on rhetorical theory, the rhetoric of religious media, civil-religious rhetoric, religion and woman suffrage, and the list goes on and on. If you are working in the area of religion and rhetoric and want to move your work toward publication, this is the workshop for you.

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