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Argentina Association of Rhetoric Announces New Issue of 'Retor'

Dear Colleagues :

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of the electronic magazine Retor, of the Argentina Association of Rhetoric:
Retor is included in Dialnet, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, DOAJ, Rebiun, EBSCO, CIRC and integrates the LATINDEX catalog.

The Table of Contents for Retor, 4:1 (June 2014):

" Complex clauses as tools in the struggle for hegemony: an application of Manuel Fresco's speech to the farmers in Argentina 1936"--Balsa, Javier

"Ways to seduce Helena. Or the rhetorical proposals of Gorgias, Plato and Aristotle"--De Angelis, Romina  

"Rhetoric and translation: The Rhymes of Becquer in Georgian"--Luarsabishvili, Vladimer

"Classical rhetoric and current neuroscience: emotion and persuasion"--Martín, Jiménez, Alfonso

"Monitoring and the rhetoric of control: The case of rating agencies"--Salazar, Philippe-Joseph

Warmest regards,

Argentina Association of Rhetoric

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