Digital Events

2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Rhetoric Society of Korea, and the programming of the first day of its annual conference, 10 November, will be available through Zoom. All queries can be directed to the Society's email address, (.)


Rhetoric Society of Korea



Colloquium for Ancient Rhetoric, co-founded by Dr. Niek Janssen, Irene Peirano Garrison, and Laura Viidebaum. Fall 2023-Spring 2024. Registration details for this Zoom series.

CAR 23-24


Cassas Seminar in Greek Law and Society, organized by Dr. Ifigeneia Giannadaki (University of Florida). Fall 2023 (20 Oct - 17 November, every Friday at noon Eastern US). Registration details for this Zoom series.


Screen Shot 2023 10 01 At 11.30.12 Pm


Rhetorical Get Togethers, Series 3 (June 2023). Email Dr. Mantagliati at to join.


Rhetorical Get Togethers


ISHR's YouTube Channel:

Here is a recording of a February 14, 2022, event recognizing the translation of former ISHR president Laurent Pernot's 2018 book L'art du sous-entendu into English as The Subtle Subtext by William E. Higgins for Penn State University Press (2021).