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ISHR Grants 2022 Research Fellowship Recipients

ISHR Grants 2023 Research Fellowship Recipients (alphabetical order)

Dear ISHR members,

I am pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s ISHR Research Fellowships. Congratulations to all recipients for winning this prestigious award and for your contributions to the study of the history of rhetoric.

Roberta Berardi (University of Oxford – United Kingdom)
Ancient Greek Oratory and Erotikà

Artemis Brod  (Indepedent Scholar – USA)
Recounting the Waves: Water in Aelius Aristides' Rhetorical Corpus

Mariano Dagatti (CONICET/University of Entre Rios - Argentina)
Understandings and misunderstandings. The correspondence between Kenneth Burke and Wayne Booth

Elisiana Fratocchi (Sapienza, Università di Roma - Italy)
Political and gender rhetoric in women's writings of anti-fascism: pamphlets, newspapers, leaflets.

Ifigeneia Giannadaki (University of Florida – USA)
Portraits of resident aliens (metics): metics in Athenian forensic oratory and society

Rosaleen Keefe (Old Dominion University – Norfolk – USA)
Thomas Gordon, Universal Grammar, and the Metaphysics of Rhetoric in the Scottish Enlightenment

Fabrizio Petorella (Istituto italiano per la Storia antica – Roma - Italy)
The Pious Martyr and the Sacrilegious Emperor: A Historical and Rhetorical Analysis of John Chrysostom’s Homily on St. Babylas, against Julian and the Pagans

Michela Piccin (North-West University – South Africa)
Linguistic Fireworks in Ludlul bēl nēmeqi and Babylonian Theodicy: Riot of Rhetorical Linguistic Devices

Baukje Van den Berg (Central European University – Austria)
Hermogenes in Byzantium: Exegetical Strategies and Intellectual Trends in the Commentary of Gregory Pardos

Mengzhen Yue (Shandong University – China)
Aristotle’s Rhetoric in China: Translation, Politics, and Abridgement

Special thanks to the Research Awards Committee for their careful and time-consuming work requiring many difficult decisions:

Ida Gilda Mastrorosa (Italy), chair; Thomas Blank (Germany); Violeta Perez Custodio (Spain); Marie-Pierre Noël (France); Christos Kremmydas (United Kingdom); and Tina Skouen (Norway).

Best wishes,

David Mirhady
President, International Society for the History of Rhetoric

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