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ISHR 2024 Call for Papers Now Open!

The Twenty-Fourth Biennial Conference of the
International Society for the History of Rhetoric (ISHR) 
University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University

Vancouver, Canada
July 23-26, 2024

Greetings from Vancouver!

As many of you know, the paper deadline for ISHR is quite early, this June for next year’s July conference: there are many things that have to be got into place in the meantime, international travel, funding to be applied for, invitations to be sent out, etc.  So it’s important to get the paper proposals in by June a year ahead of time.  You have three months.

Please think about inviting others to the Conference.  Organize panels.  Include people you may not know yet, perhaps from another continent, someone who hasn’t been to an ISHR meeting before.  The history of rhetoric should fit into any humanist’s sphere of interests.  Your colleagues may not fit into a panel with you, but they’ll fit into ISHR.

Complete details on the Call for Papers are posted here,

The submission website is open. CLICK HERE to submit your paper/panel.

David Mirhady, President of the International Society for the History of Rhetoric

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