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2024 ISHR conference submission deadline less than 1 month away

Dear $$Nickname$$,                                                                                   

In the grand ISHR tradition of stretching anticipation to its limits, we are asking that submissions for the 2024 meeting from July 23-26, 2024, in Vancouver, Canada, be delivered onto the conference portal by June 1, 2023. That’s less than a month away.

As you likely know, the biennial conference of ISHR brings together several hundred specialists in the history of rhetoric from around thirty countries.

The Society calls for proposals for twenty-minute conference papers focusing on historical aspects of the theory and practice of rhetoric. The specific conference theme or focus for the 2024 conference is “Continuity and Change in the History of Rhetoric.”

Repeated terms, exempla, and practices give continuity to the historical study of rhetoric, but change and even rupture also occur over time, place, technologies, and cultures. We invite proposals for papers that will highlight an instance or pattern of reiteration, translation, adaptation, reception, innovation, or disruption within the past theory or practice of rhetoric. In keeping with ISHR’s own traditions, we also welcome papers on both the theory and the practice of rhetoric in all periods and languages, and on its relationships with poetics, philosophy, politics, religion, law, and other aspects of cultural contexts.

Again, the deadline for submissions is 1 June 2023. Please see the full CFP for further details. Questions? Email either Prof. David Mirhady (ISHR President) at or me (2024 program committee chair) at — or both of us at once!

(If you’ve already submitted and are thrown by the first-name salutation of this entreaty, please don’t be! We’re merely using a friendly affordance of this email system that lets us address everyone personally. So long as you received a submission confirmation, then you can delete these reminder emails and move on with your day.)

Looking forward to your submissions,

Michele Kennerly, 2024 Program Committee Chair
David Mirhady, ISHR President

Program Committee Members:

Maria Cecília de Miranda Nogueira Coelho
Manfred Kraus
Caroline Petit
Vanessa Lim
Rasha Diab

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