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SHR Nominating Committee seeks nominations (including self-nominations) for six ISHR committee positions

The ISHR Nominating Committee seeks nominations  (including self-nominations) for six ISHR committee positions. These begin in mid-2024, after the Vancouver conference. In keeping with the ISHR constitution and the need on all committees for highly competent readers in specific languages, the committee will be looking for language skills as well as scholarly excellence. Since in practice most manuscripts and proposals coming to ISHR committees are in English, the ideal nominee will be fluent in English and competent in at least two other ISHR modern languages. An effort will be made to include at one least speaker/reader with native-like fluency in each of the other four modern languages – French, German, Italian, and Spanish – on each committee. Committee positions are for four years. These positions and special language competence needs are:

  • Three positions on the Prize Committee (preferably at least one German speaker)
  • Three positions on the Research Grants Committee (preferably at least one Italian speaker and one Spanish speaker).

As instituted by our late President Marc van der Poel, the revised procedure is to solicit nominations for vacating position from those committee members rotating off those positions (as in the past) but  additionally to ask the general membership for nominations. Nominations will be reviewed by the ISHR Council this summer. Council recommendations and all other nominations will be voted upon by the general membership at the Vancouver conference Business Meeting.

 If you wish to serve in any of these positions, please e-mail me the nomination by July 1, 2023. Please also include a short CV or a link to your online CV. If you wish to nominate someone else, first ask that person if he or she wants to serve. If the person agrees, then please send me the nomination with that person’s short CV or a link to the person’s online CV.

Malcolm Richardson, co-chair
ISHR Nominating Committee

For the Nominating Committee:

Mike Edwards, co-chair
Janika Päll
Martin Camargo
Vessela Valiavitcharska

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